Care conditions

It’s already the end of April, meaning this will be the last part of our story on Freesia.

Very important to mention (therefore we are telling you) is how to treat your Freesia, so they will last as long as possible and lift up your spirit with their bright colors.

Before placing them in a vase, be sure to cut off (in a 45 degree angle) about 3 centimeters from the bottom of the stem. This, so the flowers can absorb more water. Keep them from draft or too much direct sunlight, as the flowers are quite fragile and can either welt or get sunburn. Also, don’t place your vase with Freesias close to a fruit bowl, as the gas produced by fruit (ethyleen) will cause your flowers to age quicker.  Exhaust from cars and smoke from tabacco contain the same gas, so be sure to keep the space when your place your flowers ventilated. When treated properly, you can enjoy your freesias for up to 12 days.


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